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2019 GPYC Summer Calendar

June 8-9
Opti RWB Clinic
RWB and advanced 420 sailors will have an opportunity to work with  nationally renowned coaches to improve boat handling skills and speed.
June 15-16
Advanced 420 Clinic
GPYC sailors will sail to different stops set up by parent volunteers and collect cards along the way. Fun for everyone.  Prizes awarded at the end of the day.
Team building, food, and fun in the MAC before the GPYC regatta.  All GPYC sailors welcome.
Two day regatta hosted by GPYC.  All racing fleets participate.  This is a fabulous opportunity to spectate, as we will set up the racing as close to the MAC as possible.  Learn to sail fleets will come to sailing as usual.
Opti, Laser, and 420 JAM fleets only.  Sailors must be present theFriday before to help load the trailer.
All Fleets!  Sailors will decorate boats and sail by theMAC in a 4th of July parade.  Prizes awarded for the best decorated boats. Parade will be at 11, and again at 3. Parents are encouraged to come watch at the MAC.
Team building, food, and fun in the MAC before the CSYC regatta. All GPYC sailors welcome.
Two days of fleet racingat CSYC.  All racing fleetsparticipate.  Weather permitting we willtow down the day before and tow back following racing.
420 spin and RWB fleets ONLY- 1 day team race and clinic at CSYC
3 day clinic with internationally renowned coach, Mauricio Galarce leading up to USODA nationals.  This is a perfect opportunity for GPYC sailors to hone their skills before this huge event!
420 and laser fleetsonly.  Towing will happen the whole daybefore and after weather permitting. All sailors are required to be there allfour days of sailing and towing to participate.
Team building, food, andfun in the MAC before the BYC and DYC regattas. All GPYC sailors welcome.
Two day regatta at Bayview.  All fleets.  We usually tow down the day before and keep boats at DYC.
Two day regatta at Detroit YC directly following BYC regatta.  We will tow the following day.  
All racing team memberswelcome.  Awards will take place at DYC.
A fun ending to the summer — all GPYC sailors will divide into teams and compete in events like bailer races, sailing relays, and capture the flag.
June 17
1st day of summer program
Fun Friday=
Poker Run  
Team Party in the MAC
GPYC Regatta
PYC Regatta  
Fun Friday = Boat Parade
Team Party in the MAC  
CSYC Regatta
CSYC Team Race
NSSC 420/Laser regatta
RWB Opti Clinic @ GPYC
USODA Nationals —
No Sailing
BYC Regatta
Team Party in the MAC
DYC Regatta  
June 21
June 26-27
June 25
July 1
July 4
July 5
July 8
July 9-10
July 11
July 16
July 17-19
July 22-26
July 31
August 1-2
August 5-6
August 7
August 9
DRYA Awards  
Fun Friday — Jr Sail Olympics  Last day of Summer Program