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Junior Sailing

June 17–August 9, 2019

Grosse Yacht Club is looking forward to an amazing Summer Program in 2019! With classes for all experience levels, a fleet of Optis, Laser (w/ Full, Radial, and 4.7 rigs), C420s, O'pen Bics, Windsurfers, J22s and an exciting calendar of events, this will be a perfect summer to start or expand your adventures under sail!

Full day sessions: 9 am until 4 pm
Morning sessions: 9 am until noon
Afternoon sessions: Noon until 4 pm

Class Descriptions

Learn to Sail — Level I
(ages 7–11)

An introduction to the sport of sailing, this course will teach the basics of rigging a boat, boat handling, sailing fundamentals and water safety with a fun, game-inspired curriculum. Instruction is done in club-owned Optimists and J/22s. Sailors are paired with one another and learn the basics of steering, trimming the sail, and balancing the boat in an exciting, hands-on way.  This class can be taken once or repeated until a sailor is ready to be in a boat on their own.

Take Learn to Sail I if:
  • You like watersports and want to try sailing
  • You like having fun!
  • Session I: June 17-28
  • Session II:
    July 1-12
    (no class on
    July 4)
  • Session III:
    July 29-August 9

Learn to Race
(ages 7–11)

A stepping stone between Learn to Sail and Opti Green Fleet, this course continues to expand young sailors’ understanding of sailing concepts and boat handling while introducing racing rules and fundamentals in a fun and exciting way.  

Take Learn to Race if:
  • You’ve completed Level II one ormore times and feel confident
  • You enjoy sailing and want to getbetter
  • You’d like to get ready for GreenFleet racing and have fun!    
  • Session I: June 17-28
  • Session II: July 1-12
    (no class on July 4)
  • Session III: July 29-
    August 9

STEM Sailing Camp
(ages 12+)

Middle and high school students will learn to sail while applying science and math concepts to explore the sport and the natural world around them. This two-week camp utilizes US Sailing’s REACH curriculum, and covers topics like simple machines, water quality and testing, wind and weather, forces on a sail and water safety.  

Take STEM Sailing if:
  • You want to have fun sailing whilealso learning about the world around you.
  • You want to better understand how a sailboat works
  • You want to learn how to sail in afun and educational way
  • You want to understand our impact on our local waterways
  • June 29-August 9

Kinder Sailing
(ages 5–6)

This new week-long session is a perfect sailing introduction for those who love the water but aren’t old enough yet for our Learn to Sail program. Our instructors will use the sailing simulator and the club’s J/22s to get our smallest sailors comfortable on the water. This session will cover basic sailing concepts and water safety.  

Take Kindersailing Sailing if:
  • You are 5-6 years old and want totry sailing
  • You like to have fun!
  • July 15–19
    (half day AM only)

GPYC Racing Team
(ages 8+)

GPYC’s racing team is a fun but intensive program for intermediate-advanced sailors who are ready to compete in local and regional regattas. Our racing team competes in weekly local events with additional opportunities to compete on a regional and national level. Sailor shave the opportunity to compete in the clubs Optis, Lasers, and 420s.  

  • Session I: June 17 – July 12
    (no class on July 4)
  • Session II: July 8 – August 9
  • Full Summer: June 17 – August 9
  • No Sailing: June 22 – 26

Learn to Sail — Level II
(ages 7–11)

For sailors who have mastered Level I, Level II sailors will build on what they’ve learned and become more independent in the boats. Instructors and sailors utilize the club’s Optis, J/22s, and the sailing simulator to help sailors expand their understanding of sailing fundamentals with a focus on upwind and downwind sailing, boat handling and seamanship.  This class can be taken once or repeated until a sailor is ready to move on.

Take Learn to
Sail II if:
  • You’ve completed Level I one ormore times and feel confident
  • You’re ready to sail an opti by yourself (even if you’re a little nervous!)
  • You want to learn to sail whereveryou want — even upwind!
  • Session I:
    June 17-28
  • Session II: July 1-12
    (no class on July 4)
  • Session III: July 29-
    August 9

Adventure Sailing (ages 12–18)

Adventure sailing is for the beginner to advanced teenaged sailor who wants to explore the water and improve their ailing in a fun and casual way. During this two-week session, sailors will get to sail the club’s J/22s, O’pen Bics, 420s and windsurfers. This class focuses on water safety and seamanship while allowing sailors to experience the joys of being on the water.

Take Adventure Sailing if:
  • You like being on the water withfriends and want to learn to sail
  • You want more variety in your sailing experience
  • You want to have fun and improve your sailing skills without competition
  • Session I: June 17-28
  • Session II: July 1-12
    (no class on July 4)

Drop-in Sailing
(all ages)

In between sessions but looking for more timeon the water?  Our coaches will beavailable for a week of sailing and fun on the water. Sailors can sail theclubs J/22s, O’pen Bics, 420s, Optis, and windsurfers for an extra week of fun.

Take Drop-in Sailing if:
  • You’re enjoying your summersailing experience and want some more time on the water
  • You want to have fun on a varietyof boats
  • July 15–19

420 High School Camp (ages 14–18)

This week long session is designed for 8th-12th grade sailors interested in sailing for their high school team. This class will teach fundamental sailing concepts, boat handling, racing basics and rules.

Take 420 High School Camp if:
  • You don’t have former racing orsailing experience and want to get involved in your high school team.
  • You want to develop your high school sailing skills in the summer season while the weather is nice.
  • You want to learn how to sail andhave fun!
  • August 19–23

2019 Class ScheduleS & Pricing

Learn to Sail, Learn to Race
Half Day
Full Day
2 Week Session
4 Week Session
(Racing Team Only)
Drop In Week, Kinder Sailing
Full Summer Program (three, 2-week sessions plus drop in week)
GPYC Junior Sailing Open to Members and Buddy Members

Learn About the buddy programMember & Family RegistrationNON-MEMBER REGISTRATION
2019 Registration
Dates Policies
  • January 11, Early Registration begins for Summer Programs
  • January 11, Spring High School Registration Opens
  • June 1, Registration Deadline

    Must be submitted to esimon@gpyc.org
    Will be accommodated based on availability.

Participation Requirements

Every sailor will be required to:
  • Pass a relatively easy swim test on the first day of each session.
  • Wear a properly fitting U.S. Coast Guard-approved life jacket at all times on the water.

One of sailing's greatest lessons is learning the importance of being prepared and keeping checklists. Please review the recommended list below and make sure to label all that nice gear with your name!

GPYC Gear Store

PFD (lifejacket)

US Coast Guard Approved, Type III. Brands like Extrasport and Gill are the most popular and comfortable. Fit is important, so please choose the appropriate size for THIS summer.


Every sailor must have their own tube. The more protection the better. Ideally choose a waterproof variety that won’t hurt the eyes.


Even better sun protection.

Sun Glasses  

Important protection for the only eyes you have!


"Every sailor brings a bailer" which can easily be fashioned by cutting the bottom off of a big OJ or laundry soap jug.

Waterproof Watch 

With a countdown function for racing sailors.

Change of Clothes

Besides wearing clothes to get wet in, every sailor should have extra dry duds and a towel.


Staying hydrated is important for a safe, fun, learning experience!


You can bring your lunch or purchase from GPYC's Harbor Grill. We have a refrigerator in the MAC.

Good Attitude 

Well rested, well fed, happy, and ready to

Answers to common questions about our Sailing Program